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Message to Chris Crocker

You are so entertaining, an wonderfully weird. This is about the 'I have a problem' video, even though it's old.

Chris, almost daily, you openly welcome difficulty into your life because it wears the disguise of good fortune. (such as an unhealthy relationship that gives you a false sense of validation)
Just this once, I challenge you to boldly accept the difficulty you are facing, receive the message it's trying to send you (dump his ass); It has a better chance of being a blessing than things you perceive as 'lucky'

still thinking about it
You know what else? Your ex (hopefully ex by NOW) is missing a VERY CRUCIAL LABEL in order for his allegations to have any worth- and it's called PHD. I think you would have known if your man was a psychologist when you got together- in which case; A true professional does not treat their friends and/or family; SO if he IS a psychologist... there's gotta be a number you can call, or a website you can visit to report his unprofessional conduct and get that license REVOKED.

I feel very empathetic for you about this. My ex (alcoholic) girlfriend told me that if I didn't start taking bipolar medicine, she would dump me! I told her I was willing to get a professional opinion seeing as how I have never been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and she said "You gotta be on the medicine by friday...". At first I was meek, and obedient, but after about 15 minutes of really thinking about what the fuck just happen, I was like ohh NO honey. You are a m**F** CHEF, you have the credentials to diagnose the condition of my FOOD, stick to your area of expertise, and quit throwing your brainless notions AT ME. Come to think of it; You happen to be the one hugging & kissing me, then spontaneously chasing me, trying to kill me...Girl, I think what you actually saw was a mirror into your own mind. So, you gonna start taking that medicine friday?

We ended up staying together for a long time- most of which I spent trying to convince myself that I loved her... and accomplishing some heavy duty goals of mine, while feeling guilty and ashamed of myself because they weren't what SHE wanted me to do... So , you know what? At the first sign of flying unqualified accusations....Just say goodbye. Save some precious time.. and THAT is what I say to YOU.


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