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Prayer/Christmas song

Dear God,
It’s really hard to decipher whether all the pieces are falling into the right places from in the middle of this puzzle… I want to be comprised of your fibers; I want to make you proud of me- spread you around. I pray that you guide me in the direction where I would most benefit you. I also express deep gratitude for your forgiveness, and all of your gifts- Especially my family, they bring me so much joy.
God, I want to be a ‘mover’; I want to shake it up. I still don’t exactly know how I plan to make a difference. Through your guidance, I will succeed. My goals are still open, which leaves them available to receive your plan.
I want to recognize my flaws, and shortcomings that cause me to be frustrated, misunderstood, and held back from being more than I am capable of. Please allow me to learn and grow into a better person from all that’s wrong about me. Please help me remove the beam from my eye so I can have a better perspective on life.

It helped me to build a relationship with you when you helped me with finding lost things; but, the objective I always felt you were focusing on, was showing me how available, and close you always are. Now that I grasp that; Lord, I want to not bother you for trivial things that I ultimately have control of. This is the part where I decide whether you’ll be my crutch, or my foundation. Father, I choose foundation. I don’t want to stop here because I know you. Yes it’t good to know you, but it’s not where my journey ends, but where it truly begins.
Now that I am rooted in you, I can grow with you. I can see the world through you, and I want to make an impact for you. You have provided so many blessings, and you never overlook my prayers. I want to give back to you. I want to recycle the glory you have invested in me; to fruit from all the tender sustenance you have given me.
The wind is my companion, and also your gentle breath. All things happen through you. Your grateful creations strive to glorify you. I’ll join them. Those who make it an objective to satisfy you are my kind. Please help me understand what I must do to sow your grace around me, so that it is plentiful and can be reaped by all who hunger. Help me to understand better, so that I can hope to be understood. Show me how to distinguish the important aspects of my life. Help me transform my pain and anger into love and wisdom. Help me embrace forgiveness in all ways- to forgive myself and others; To remove the shards from my heart. Help me to identify the potential for good in my anger- to know how and where to direct, and transform it into the solution from the problem it was born from. Help me be your light. Help me travel through life not yearning for what could have been. Instead, let me feel peace, and gratitude in what it is.
I love you so deeply, and I pray that my prayers never end.

Do you know God?
Remember your father.
You may have forgotten
to speak with your father.

He’s always available.
Bow your head and be humble.
He’ll make sense of your wonderings
Send fire of passion through your heart and soul

Keep knowing God
Stay close to our father.
Questions, and worries
express to your Father

Sin and Shame
Are absolved in His holy name
Washed of Sickness and Pain
Oh hail to Him
feel you soul be born again

Don’t ignore the warmth in your heart
Your spirit always knows where God is
Living is a gift most don’t even consider
Set your sights on our Father

Live on with Him ever in your Focus
You’ll not only know life, you’ll be one with existence
won’t simply understand why, you’ll contribute you entire life to God’s purpose


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