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I don't like your name.
You are not who your name leads me to believe you are.
Pointy, and dangerous, quickly acting upon impulse of movement,
quickly puncturing?
It is more plushy, wet, and sloppy. It is more dim and relaxed than blistering bright.

You take me in your hands and I shatter like a blight, frail petal; An empty egg shell.
I am cleared away by rejuvenating, heavy, drops burning away the brilliant silver of the whole situation.
Causing it to rust into a soft, manageable bronze. Stirring it into the soot covered darkness.
Rot, fruit, maroon. Iridescent pieces emerge, sharp at every conceivable juncture. Unable to be handled.
The balloon floats up toward the sky, and this, becoming mangled at the sight of this. Porridge, gray, and covered in mold. Red and puffy with puss and juice running out of it. Knuckle blue breathing.

You bring it back around, welded in cement so that I cannot forget. Bludgeoning my memory with jagged stone handprints, dripping with toxic, jade intentions. Searing yourself into me I will try to dismiss it.

You are ineffective. You are always there, but not in the way you wanted to be.
You will remind me to be strong.
You will remind me that I can take anything.

Bubble gum turns to mush and slides down your throat.
A stretched rubber band in the rain disintegrates into tiny pieces, but you will not break me down.
A rose wilts in the sun from its magnificent heat. Amazing brightness. I will depart as a result of living in abundance. I will not be scared away.


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Oct. 30th, 2012 12:30 am (UTC)
That was very moving. Like wow, once again your are magical with the way you put your words together
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