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Even if I don't want to have anxiety...if I feel 'pretty and witty and wise'...I still unconsciously crunch my toes inside my shoes and don't realize until my feet are throbbing and I feel paranoid just because my feet hurt...or maybe my feet hurt because I'm paranoid...Lol its like, why not just wear 7 inch heels? My feet hurt the same at the end of the night regardless.

If I focus on keeping my feet relaxed...then I usually stay cool. I have been noticing a lot of things related to the foot crunching thing...like being all clumsy and unbalanced when I feel uncomfortable... Which is also traced back to the foot crunching.

I wish I could have a spare pAir of feet And still feel the other ones when I take them off and massaaageeee themmm
...Also I wish I could switch their sides every once and awhile!
I wish teeth grew like fingernails and that going to the dentist was more like a tooth manicure!!

...I hope that the creator likes my suggestions and maybe imparts them on the next existence ...

We also need retractable claws...only Phillips shaped...well maybe one Phillips, one Alan wrench, a cork screw, a flat head, a resizable socket, and and and a matching left hand. also some sort of rearview system...even if it's not percepted visually ...like sound echo location...or sensitive
Motion detecting back hair.. >_< on that note, I wish we could see into the past....
Be able to remember our
epiphanies so we can reduce the occurrence of repiphanies....
I mean, as beautiful as discovery, and even rediscovery is... There is nothing like that slap in the face when you realize you've been living in circles.

Maybe our hair could be more functional...like medusa. We could just have like 80 hairy, multifunctional fingers on top of our heads!!
And our nose should definitely smell feelings.... Speaking of which; A pungent essence deserves a pungent odor..

Humanity needs a mind projector installed on our bellies!!

Maybe a little less rumination, and a lot more savvy impulsiveness.

..And last but far from least....

We need to have recyclable waste.
And I mean for more than building islands out of....like they did with ancient Mesopotamia...
I'm talking Urine that comes out like Aquafina... And feces thats fuel, electricity, and all like miracle grow on steroids, and a fancy mud mask.

....We should be building islands out of our poop...seriously!!!!!
We would be able to hold hands all around the world. United by poop.

...If the mad scientists didn't toxify it by poisoning our food...

๑’-♬ Hands across the water....♪


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