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you don't have to be lonely

first- enjoy your own company. how can you make good company
for someone if you are lonely with yourself ? that is like trying to sell something you don't endorse
-that isnt fair. why would you want to force someone you claim
to love, to spend time with you when it's a thing you hate to do? wouldn't you want to give the person you love, what you love?

how can you accept their love of you if it is a thing you do not innately understand?

how can you find a lover who you really appreciate if you don't believe that you should be appreciated?

then are you not settling- trying to fill an emptiness that need not be filled, but rather, explored, and expounded on through God?

when someone loves you, you have to identify with their love of you in order for you to believe in that love with open arms- otherwise you end up telling them how crazy they are to love you- and you would know, wouldn't you? so they wind up believing you, and leaving you-

i want someone to desire me- to want to spend time with me- not to feel need for me as if i am no longer something they neccesarily want- just an emotional addiction. i want to be an attraction- a desire and not a preceived need. I want to see that they want to be with me, to be with me- and not simply because i fill their need to be with somebody- anybody can be somebody to someone. i want them to have more of a reason to be with me- there are a million somebodies out there- if somebody is all someone needs- how can i stay confident that somebody is always going to be me?

--unless they don't need anybody; but they choose to- would adore to spend their time with me.


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