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Aurora Theatre Shooting

I've been searing mad; I've done or said impulsive reckless things out of that feeling (..Thrown a few things around, yelled and screamed at the wrong person,..) that now, when i think about it- it scares the shit out of me- imagining the way i felt so out control . I haven't really allowed myself to reach that point again with anger, but; Is it negated, or masked by fear? If i vocalize some of the things i worry over- if i actually hear the words, they make me laugh so hard. I discover that my mind snacks on worry like sour candy... Gah, but
Just like... Ragggh.
You see that anger fester and mutate into evil.- You know, I almost died of a hang nail once. No shit. And it's the perfect example of how the ignored/mistreated simple wound can become a wildly fatal infection.

Omg i can't fucking sleep >_> my mind keeps spinning in circles and im laughing and crying and... You know... Free will vs destiny is like democrat
Vs republican- They are distractions from reality- it feeds 'the human experience' thing though- the way the mind plays cognition like an accordion- anything and everything to feed our gnawing curiosity... Bah. Omg... Rahbh.!

I fall asleep for a moment, and my mind tries to put two broken shards together to forge a picture- but it's warped and just makes me wake up and seriously throw a temper tantrum.
- i don't understand why people were intending to 'protest'. I know it didn't wind up happening but i was wondering about it for awhile... zZzZzZz ... What? They're protesting? I disagree with the shooting- tell the universe to take this day back because we all signed this petition... We demand a System Restore...


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