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Mr PersuAsian

G: do you trust me?
S: yes.

He hoists her onto his lap. She begins to tremble.

G: do you trust me?
S: yes.
G: why is your heart pounding?
S: I don't know.
G: do you trust me?
S: I don't know.

He tightly embraces her, to calm her. He then takes her face in his hands

G: do you fear me?
S: no.

He kisses her.

I am her
And you are he

I tell you that I have flashbacks whenever I close my eyes. You take my face into your hand, and you say, "look at me".
I feel my face flush
So bashful.
You rub against me with your other hand;
I bury my face into your chest.
You gently tilt my chin back to meet your gaze- again, and you commandingly say,
"look at me":
My body makes Fluttering waves;
You keep holding my cheeks- making me stare into your eyes.

Even when I briefly blink, you feel my body strongly quake and shudder against your hand when I look at you again.

I glance down at your supple lips...

You curl your finger inside me, drawing me; Trembling, closer to you
Enveloped by your essence.

"look in my eyes!" you demand, as you wrap your other hand around me, simultanioisly using your fingers to induce a prolonged fit of Writhing, electric pleasure through me - which is continuously, and intensely revived as I obey you; gazing deeply into your eyes.

I attempt to pull away from you-
overwhelmed by sensation.
I flutter my tongue against the skin on your shoulder- trying to distract you from me by giving you pleasure.
I caressingly nibble near your collar bone- trying to move lower.***
You hold me tighter- you insist that i stay in befuddling bliss for longer

You feel my body surrender- now overflowing with emotion
My face is glazed in salty tears of raw passion.
You bring your other hand around my waist, cradling me gently in your arms; using your chest to dry my face .
Keeping me safe in your grounding embrace.


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