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Effortlessly Rhythmic

He flashes his irresistible smile at her, causing her heart to race; Her cheeks instantly flush. She looks away from him, trying to hide the warmth, but he has already been watching her. He continues to observe, waiting for her to feel his stare; To meet his gaze. Finally, they lock eyes for a long moment. He melts the shy tension between them with another tropical smile as he introduces himself,
********* time lapse*********

As his thought sputtered off into the distance; His words went from hushed tones, to whispers, then silence. Interrupted by his focus on her glowing face,- her bouncy curls; as she raveled them around her tiny finger He considered asking if he could kiss her for a moment before deciding the formality was unneeded. He reached out, and scooped her up into his arms, onto his lap; Pressing his lips against her forehead. Her eyelashes fluttered against his chin.
“mmmh”, She managed to spit out from a mouthful of bliss. Her body stiffened against his, resisting him.
She started to say,
“I don’t know how…”
Her expression fragmented by his inability to resist resist the desire to nibble at her jutting lip; softening into a passionate kiss. -This caused her rigidity to melt like butter in his grip.
Permeated by his essence; Saturated in a symphony of sensations. So pure, so raw; In an instant, slipping into present tense. Fidgeting, quaking; Quivering beneath his lips. Lost in the midst, in the power of a simple kiss.
Pile onto an already impossible fancy fantasy; A fantastic phantasm that could never happen.

Enchantment what the thought of you makes me begin to believe in.
Magic in passion?
Touch smooth as music; Effortlessly rhythmic.
Dare i even dream of such?

I feel so ashamed to only know this in my own private ideas.

[**Her tiny finger as she twisted her bouncy curls around it.]


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