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Wishes Come True, and I'll always Pray.

Meeting the half of my family I've never known, is amazing. I knew they existed, but most things were left to my imagination. It leaves me continually awestruck to discover how accurate I seemed to have been; and still, so in the dark I am.

A part of me is filled with curiosity and desire to know them; The ones I have always desperately missed; Always loved with all that I am. I am thankful, and overjoyed to have the opportunity to transform a fantasy into my actual life.

I am selfishly sorrowful for what I've missed out on. I wish we could have had our childhood together. The adult in me can understand the complexity of choices that led to the way it is. The child in me still fails to comprehend your absence in my existence; Still resentful of the fact that my mom was left alone with me,and I; The only child. She had her broken heart to live on with, and hurt over. She deserved to have a man who loved and cherished her every day of her life. Why do some people receive a full plate of love, and others never even get a taste? It worries me.

I pray for the capacity to forgive the past so that I have a chance of welcoming the future.
I pray for God to guide me in removing the shards from my heart, so that the wound may begin to truly heal.
Lord, please grant me the strength to follow in Your guidance, even when the pain I feel is immense. Allow me to feel You more than any other influence over me.
Let me love you deeper than any other love I have.
Father God, again, I devote my life to you. I thank you for every blessing; For loving me.


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