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Mr. Loser Baby

it's putting me in a funk, having you back in my life. I know that we promised eachother to be friends forever, but I also promised myself that I would kick you out of my life. I love you, you bastard. Why cant you understand that? I'm an adult, I'm perfectly capable of loving you. Stop seeing me like a child! I'm not a child, and I love you.

I don't see what's so much better about that stupid girl you're with. She has an annoying voice. I guess I can understand, so I take it back. She paid your phone bill after only a month of knowing you. Now you live with her, she buys your clothes, pays your phone bill, buys your cigarettes and weed, and feeds you. You've got a sugar mama. I can't be your sugar mama I guess...if that's what you want, you're where you need to be. But I still love you. I love you but I don't want to be your sugar mama. I don't want a child....a responsibility. You're more of her responsibility than her boyfriend, and you're not a catch at all.... Catching you on a fishing line is like trying to pull an anchor out of the sea.

Now you say she's the love of your life. THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE? If the right thing for me to do is shut my mouth while i'm hurting... and let you be... then hon, I need you to let me be. I can't have you flaunting all that in front of me...I can't have you talking about how you're in love to me. I can't be your best friend anymore.

You know that song by usher.... "before anything that came between us.. you were like my best friend. The one I used to go and talk to when me & my girl were having problems. You used to say it would be alright, suggest some nice things I should do.. but at night when I go home and lay my head down all i used to think about was you!!!"

I used to hope that someday that song would be to me. You would dedicate it to me and we would just hold eachother and kiss. I'm not a cuddly person, and I don't like kissing, but for some reason I feel like all that would be different with you. You can love anyone you want...but that chemical attraction...baby that's not something to scoff at... that's not something you choose.

Anyway, now that for some reason, you came back into my life. And you only seem to want to see me when YOU call. You dont take me seriously when I call you...i'm not going to call you. and it's going to take me a while to decide weather I want to answer for you. I don't think its right.



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