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Big Brother

Someone so far away can be so close to your heart, just because of the way that you imagine them to be.

I've always wanted a big brother, ever since my first memory, it's something i've been denied that I should have had. I always imagine the way my life would be if I had one

would we be best friends? or would he bully me? would we be close? or live in separate worlds? maybe it would be a little bit of everything

would he turn into an amazing man right before my eyes, find love and start a life with ease?

would he look anything like me?

I am so interested in watching my girl friend's with their big brothers, or guys with their little sisters, they all act so different.

Some sit close while watching television
Others shout hurtful things to eachother from across the house
Some joke all day and have mild arguments
Others live in separate worlds, separate lives, and separate families it seems
Some show so much pride in eachother, like "Look who i'm related to!"
All are so protective of eachother, no matter how much love they show on the outside, when it comes down to it, their always there

I don't have anyone like that. My family is so dysfunctional, and i'm an only child. My mom hates spending time with me, talking to me. My grandparents can't know about my real life.

I wonder what it would be like if I had myself a big brother...
man i wish i did.

what if you were my big brother? (guys)


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